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2014 Chanel Sunglasses

As you all know cruise collection are created for those travelers who head for the warm countries when winter sets in. That is why Cruise collection pieces hit the stores in fall. But the runway shows like Chanel Cruise 2013-2014 are held around May. So now you have a great opportunity to see the Chanel Cruise sunglasses that well-off people are going to pack with them when going to explore the seas and oceans next fall and winter.

The Chanel Cruise 2013-2014 show was held in Singapore – actually the first time Chanel collection is presented in Asia. The setting was quite unusual – a colonial style bungalow. Outdoor thatched bars created a great atmosphere for the guests to chat about the collection – and there was a lot to discuss.

All outfits were elegantly accessorized. Strings of pearls were the biggest hit. These are perhaps the only neck embellishments that can never be “too much”. There were only four Chanel Cruise sunglasses designs but they are sure to match all women outfits in the collection.

The black sunglasses feature the total trend of this year’s Cruise collections – mirrored lenses. These shades come in three shapes. The catchiest ones have a distinct cat-eye shape and look really unusual with oblique bangs.
One more sunglass style features an original color solution – not often black-and-white sunglasses look that fresh. The right part of the frame is white, then there is a color twist on the bridge – and the left side is black.
If you want to admire these sunglasses in more detail check out this photo from Chanel Cruise 2013/14 Lookbook. The whole Chanel Cruise lookbook contains only black-and-white photos to accentuate the retro air and the silhouettes.

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