Chic girl with sunglasses

Girl with Sunglasses

This Lad Spent An Entire Year Texting A Girl Whose Bag He'd Left His Sunglasses InA guy spent an entire year texting a girl about his sunglasses that she ran off with in her bag.

Alex was on a date with the girl, named Anna, and had asked her to hold his new, expensive sunglasses in her bag.

But Anna did a runner when she went outside to make a phone call and never returned.

Alex said that was "fine, I wasn't that into her anyway."

He continues: "But what was not fine was that she left with my sunglasses."

So he texted her: "You stole my sunglasses", but received no reply.

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No reply - but Alex continues - for an entire YEAR sending messages out into the ether.

Two months after their date he writes: "Wow what a bright and sunny day! Can't find my sunglasses though. Do you still have them?"

(Photo: phillyalex/Imgur)

Three months later he texts her a photo of himself wearing comedy glasses and writes: "So I got a new pair of sunglasses!! But they don't really protect me from the sun as I would like them to. Was wondering if I can still get my other ones back from you?"

He continues sending her a hilarious series of messages, selfies, diagrams and emojis.

(Photo: phillyalex/Imgur)

And THEN... Anna gets in touch.

"I'm confused. Who is this?" she asks, almost a year to the day they went on a date.

She then writes: "Omg... I googled this email address. Here's the deal: I moved to San Francisco in January. The sunglasses got put on top of my fridge after I found them in my purse.

(Photo: phillyalex/Imgur)

"Months / weeks later I packed up and moved across the country.

"Unfortunately [I don' know] what happened to your beloved sunglasses.

"I sincerely apologise for this inconvenience."

Alex replies: "You savage b***h. Well hit me up if you're ever in [Philadelphia] again then I guess."

But before the tale is over, Anna announces she is visiting next week, so perhaps this is the beginning of a beautiful love story.

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