Fendi sunglasses for women

Fendi Sunglasses for Women

Screen-shot-2015-07-04-at-7.15.32-PMWhen paying a premium for designer sunglasses you’d expect them to last for a few years. But an Australian woman who bought a pair of Fendi sunglasses was disappointed when the little diamantes fell off the arms of the frames just a year or so after she bought them.

Underwriter Susan Mijalkovic bought the high-end sunglasses through Ozsale, a member-only e-commerce site based in Australia that sells designer goods at reduced price points.

After contacting the online store several times through her account page, Mijalkovic resorted to posting a complaint on the company’s Facebook profile.

“I have written to your customer service department via the ‘My Account’ page on your website—back & forth numerous times but now the trail has disappeared, ” she wrote.

She said she had sent photos to the company, showing that the lenses were in perfect condition, but the diamantes had fallen out.

“I have been trying to organize a return for months now. This is an unacceptable way to treat your customers and frankly I am fed up, ” she wrote.

In the United States, Fendi sunglasses retail for between 0 and 0. Fendi sunglasses are made in Italy, so you would expect good quality. Especially since the Italian luxury house has iconic designer Karl Lagerfeld from Chanel as part of their talent pool. Lagerfeld designs the brand’s women’s ready-to-wear and fur pieces.

A woman poses in the street before the show for fashion house Fendi at the women Fall/Winter 2015/16 Milan's Fashion Week on Feb. 26, 2015. (GABRIEL BOUYS/AFP/Getty Images)“I cannot say for sure whether or not the sunglasses are fake however, ” Mijalkovic wrote on Facebook, “I will say that I would not expect, nor have I ever experienced such low quality from this high-end designer in the past.”

She got a response from Ozsale about 12 hours later.

“I have tried to reach on the mobile number listed on your profile. However the number seems to be disconnected. Can you please pm us your contact number? We will get in touch with you as soon as possible, ” an Ozsale representative wrote.

“I do appreciate the prompt assistance with this matter today. It was a shame however, that after months of communication I felt like I had no choice but to post publicly on your Facebook page to get a straightforward answer, ” Mijalkovic wrote in response.

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