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Hoven Vision is excited to announce the release of an exclusive new line on May 5th in partnership with The Chivery.

From the foggy banks of the San Francisco Bay to the swaying palm fronds of the Caribbean, men and women from around the world will soon be flocking to thechivery.com in order to check out the shade Hoven Vision is casting over their sunglass competition.

Hoven Vision's KCCO Hoven X Sunglasses (available in black or green) are designed for the trendsetting outdoor enthusiast who wants to look good while embodying the Keep Calm and Chive On lifestyle. Confused? This is the rallying cry for all those who want to make the world a better place by being good, doing good, and having a good time while they're at it.

Their new creations boast:

reflective lenses,
100% UV protection,
lightweight, polycarbonate frames
the KCCO slogan on the temple.

While the humorously good-natured brand behind The Chivery might not seem to take things too seriously, they're all business when it comes to offering their fans a premium product.

"We liked Hoven Vision because both [of us] work effortlessly to create a quality product for our customers, " stated Zach Lee, Senior Director of The Chivery. "Quality is key when it comes to setting yourself apart in today's retail landscape."

“The partnership came to fruition after traveling to Texas with close friend Scott Eastwood for Austin City Limits, ” said Loren Laguen, COO of Hoven Vision. “Scott and I were invited to theCHIVE offices and we had an instant connection with their team. After a few short visits, I knew a collaboration between Hoven and theCHIVE was inevitable and we couldn't be more thrilled to be partnering with such an innovative company."

The Chivery is known for making the world's softest, most comfortable t-shirts featuring fresh designs and affordable prices. This new partnership will help bring the Hoven Vision brand name to a broader customer base that's looking for value, comfort, and legitimacy in their products.



Since 2002, Hoven Vision has prided itself on creating sunglasses that are designed with the professional in mind, but are accessible to the passionate amateur as well. From surfers and fishermen to skateboarders and bikers, their shades are built to withstand the demands of the active, independent man or woman. Their products can be found in over 300 retail locations across the United States and now at thechivery.com.

As the parent company to theCHIVE, Resignation Media owns and operates many of the Internet’s most prolific digital lifestyle brands. We boast a thriving eCommerce storefront in The Chivery, a new streaming TV channel in CHIVETV, and a burgeoning brewery in Resignation Brewery. It also influences a community of active users who visit their websites, advocate their brand, attend their functions, drive their charity efforts and drink their beer. Under a single focus in connecting millions of like-minded, Millennial members, Resignation Media has united its fanbase in person and over the web under the common ideals of kindness, generosity and a “Keep Calm and Chive On” outlook. With over 100 employees and more than 3 million daily page views across desktop, mobile web and mobile apps, Resignation Media serves its advertising partners with offices in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco and Austin, Texas.

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