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There are some styles I just don’t understand no matter how hard I try. I know that we’ve culturally gone through a phase of liking things ironically and that’s good and all, but I’m not sure why we have to like really unattractive things just because it’s ironic.

It’s one thing if you only listen to Dutch rock when you only speak English. I still don’t get it, but I can understand the irony. Wearing things that look like you stole them off of your grandfather’s face in the late 70s on the other hand just doesn’t make sense to me.

Ray-Ban 4147
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I’m Not Sure He Would

Ray-Ban makes the RB4147 Flat Top Boyfriend Sunglasses which I guess, are designed to look like you stole them from your boyfriend? They have big frames that kind of look like a weird take on aviators, and I see them on every female under age 20 that I pass in the outside world. They have plastic frames that are thin while still appearing thick, and they come in 56 mm and 60 mm.

Color Options Add Some Sass

The Flat Top Boyfriend Sunglasses come in seven color options including black, light Havana, black with grey lenses, black with green, tortoise with brown gradient lenses, tortoise with brown lenses and dark blue with grey gradient.

Boyfriend Knows Good Eye Health… Some Of The Time

These are polarized glasses, so despite the look they are good for your eyes. Some of the shade however, is not so good. The colors of about half the options are so light I can’t imagine getting much relief from them. The black with green and the tortoise with brown are fairly dark however, so there are options for people who need real coverage.

For Boyfriends Of All Sizes

They’re made to be oversized, so they fit people of all sizes. The idea (I guess) is to wear them ironically, so even tiny people can get away with big frames that cover most of their faces.

Not My Boyfriend

Ray-Ban 4147 sunglasses aren’t inexpensive, but they aren’t cost prohibitive either. If this is the style you’re looking for, you’ll get all the perks like sturdy lenses and polarization without having to fork out a huge amount of dough. It’s not that these are bad glasses. They just aren’t my style, or maybe I’m getting old! If the RB4147 Flat Top Boyfriend Sunglasses are the style you’re looking for, you can head hand-in-hand over here and get yourself a pair.

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