Do all ray ban sunglasses

All Ray Ban Sunglasses

​1. Manufacturer: Bausch & Lomb and Luxottica:

In 1999, the Italian group Luxottica bought Bausch & Lomb. Since then, Ray-Ban is no longer manufactured in the USA, but in Italy (except a few models that are made in China, such as Ray-Ban Jr). If any part of the sunglasses, or anywhere else in the kit contains the inscription "Bausch & Lomb" or "B & L" then you can be sure you're holding a replica in your hands, unless it was manufactured before 1999. But then, would you be willing to buy such and old pair of lenses?

2. Carved Bridge:

All sunglasses made ​​by Luxottica (1999 onwards) have carved the word RAY-BAN followed by the width of the lens and the length of the bridge in millimeters, on the inside. Example: RAY-BAN 55 □ 14.


Here are more images

Can't read RB on the lenses in the Fake version


5. Label (should be sticked on left lens)

Any model that has a label with the Ray-Ban logo on gray background, where it says "100% UV PROTECTION" are replicas. Only when polarized, the label will read "POLARIZED" and NOT "100% UV PROTECTION" or "Ray-Ban Polarized."


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