Prada Shield Sunglasses in

Prada Shield Sunglasses

How To Save Money When Buying Prada SunglassesPrada sunglasses are built well and designed to last. Because of their high quality and brand appeal, when sold in retail stores, these sunglasses are far from being cheap. However, it is possible to find a well-fitting pair for much less by following a few tips when shopping.

Choosing the Right Style of Prada Sunglasses

Saving money on Prada sunglasses is important, but simply picking a random pair of the least expensive ones will do no good if the sunglasses do not look right or fit well. The buyer may or may not be able to return the sunglasses and could risk losing money buying another pair. It is best to figure out what shape and style of sunglasses are preferred before searching for a good price.

Choosing Prada Sunglasses by Face Shape

To ensure choosing the most flattering style the first time, it is important to pick a pair of sunglasses that looks right with a wearer's face shape. There are varying styles for men and women based on this factor.



Women with a round face shape can wear wayfarer, cat eye, oversized, and square styles better than others. For men with round faces, sport, wayfarer, oversized, and square styles are most flattering.


For those with oval faces, wayfarer and oversized sunglasses are good styles. For women, round and square sunglasses are additional choices that will match well. Men could also choose aviator or sport styles.


Choosing the Right Fit for Prada Sunglasses

Not every person's head is the same size, and a pair of sunglasses may be tighter on one person than another. Fortunately, sunglasses can be adjusted with an adjustment kit. The nose piece and the arms are usually easy to adjust. It is also possible to look for a pair of sunglasses with flexible arms. Another part of picking the right size of sunglasses is determining how large they should appear on the face. Oversized Prada sunglasses will always appear large, but it is helpful to ask for the height measurement of the frames. Use a ruler or tape measure and compare it to the face to ensure the item will not be too large. To avoid wasting money and possibly having to buy another pair if adjustments cannot be made, try to pick sunglasses that will not be too tight or too loose.

Money-Saving Tips for Buying Prada Sunglasses Online

After determining what style and shape of sunglasses to look for, it is time to start searching for the right pair of Prada sunglasses. Shopping online offers fashion enthusiasts a way to own brand-name items without the retail price tag. People who want cheaper Prada sunglasses can look for items from past seasons, overstock items, or used sunglasses that are in good condition. However, online shoppers should be sure the read each product description carefully. Pre-owned sunglasses may have damage, scratches, or scuffs that make them lower priced. Not all sellers accept returns, so be sure to inspect all photos and descriptions carefully before purchasing such an item.

Also, pay close attention to shipping costs. In some cases, sunglasses may be priced lower but come with larger shipping fees. This is often the case if the item is being sold from a foreign location. To avoid going over budget, be sure to always factor in shipping and taxes.

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