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Costa Pro Purchase Program Category Qualifications

Applicants – We are currently accepting applications from full-time professional captains, guides, and top level competitors in the fishing industry who are influencers within their community for acceptance in the Costa Pro Purchase Program. When requesting sponsorship, please remember that membership should be considered a privilege and not a right or entitlement. No matter your qualifications or personal connections, applicants that do not send in the proper credentials or fail to follow procedures will not be eligible for the program. Also, please understand that qualifications have changed and will continue to change due to company needs, market concerns and issues within the industry. What may have qualified you in the past may not qualify you in the future. The entire company of Costa works hard to provide qualified individuals with the best pro programs so please read the information below and complete your application carefully so that there are no unnecessary delays in your enrollment.

Submission Guidelines

Individual pro purchase accounts are available for year-round, licensed fishing captains and guides along with top level tournament competitors. You must be state licensed (if applicable) and submit the supporting documents listed below. This offer is good only for individual accounts and may not be offered in certain regions of the country (i.e., state of Florida).

To apply: Please send us your supporting documentation – state captains/guide license, company brochure, catalog or advertisement and a letter of reference from the charter/guide service you are employed by. We will only consider those captains or guides whose main source of income comes from charters/guiding. Unfortunately we don't allow weekend captains/guides so please include documentation of at least 100 days of guiding per year – which may come from multiple services or companies you work for throughout the world. Competitive anglers must submit a resume including previous tournaments/results along with a future tournament schedule out to one year.

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