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Best Cat Eye Sunglasses

Sunglasses gold ChloeAre rooted from the 50s/early 60s fashion, adding a chic touch of glam and vintage to your look. The cat eye is a timeless womens sunglass style – interpreted in various stylish ways by our leading fashion designers, which makes cat eye shades a versatile accessory piece that anyone, no matter personal style, can wear!

Courtesy of Marc by Marc Jacobs/Bloomingdales

I personally love how the top bridge of these sunglasses gives a quirky edge among the sea of fashionistas wearing square and rounded frame shapes. They inject the perfect (but subtle) spiff to a basic tee and jeans-outfit.

Will It Suit My Face Shape?

They'll look good on bottom-heavy face shapes such as, and by balancing them out. But cat eye sunglasses come in multiple variations and styles, so they're wearable for a wide range of faces.

Outfit accent or fashion statement?

Decide if you want a pair with a cool, strong statement like a dramatic '50s swoop; or something subtle such as a softer 80s iteration. So ask yourself if you want to make the shades the conversation piece and expression of your personal style - or an accessory accent that won't compete with your outfit.

Courtesy of Tom Ford (left) and Marc by Marc Jacobs (right). Both from Bergdorf Goodman
You'll also find them in various colors and decorative embellishments that need to be weighed in when selecting the best pair for your face. Wearing the right color and style can really help accentuate your natural beauty and personal style. For example, if you're a brunette, then tortoise frames with gold accents can enhance the browns in your hair color.

Angular or rounded?

If you don't want to make your facial shape obvious then select a pair of cat eye sunglasses opposite from it.

For example, if you want your face to appear more angular go for shades with sharper edges or oversized frames that curve upwards to draw attention way from a rounded jawline.

Courtesy of Armani Exchange
If you want to de-emphasize angular facial features/face shape (ex. Diamond or square) you'll benefit from rounded-out edges.
Courtesy of Kate Spade
These are just guidelines to help you look your best.How to select the perfect pair of cat eye sunglasses Your choice of sunglass shape and style is entirely based on your personal preferences - what you want to accentuate or de-emphasize.

How Do I Wear Cat Eye Sunglasses?

My tip is to create a subtle juxtaposition by combining them with something opposite from its vintage look.

Try pairing tortoise subtle cat eye shades with a casual sweet'n girly outfit, like this:

Courtesy of Splendid (sweater), J Brand (jeans), OCshades.com (sunglasses),
Hobo (clutch), JustFab (sandal)
The sunglasses add that unexpected twist to this pastel-colored outfit - creating a fresh combination.

Or take a classier approach by wearing trendy red cat eye sunglasses with an outfit with clean, modern lines and colors:

Courtesy of ROMWE (dress), Asos (sunglasses),
Big Buddha (tote bag), Naturalizer (pumps)
See how the unexpected red sunglasses spiffs up a lady-like ensemble?

If you want to chic up a sporty-casual look then you can combine them with a sweatshirt, a pair of chino pants and .

Best cat eye sunglasses for a round, full face shape. Shades by Armani Exchange If I were you I would most definitely make the first pair a versatile one. Nothing too dramatic but more on the basic side, such as in a and simple design. They go with anything and help balance out a trendy outfit.

What is considered basic?

Basic as in neutral in color and style - because it ups the flexibility of the sunglasses so that you can wear them with multiple color and clothing style combinations.

But I also want to emphasize that the term "basic" may vary in definition based on the wearer's . A basic piece should be timeless in a sense that it looks good on you. And this aspect of style will always be, no matter what the trends are otherwise saying, the best basic for you that will stand the test of time. Remember: "Fashion fades but style is eternal" ;-) (see: )

Let's take Nicole Richie as an example. She's known for her, fashion persona and going for an oversized sunglass style would resonate more to her taste and personality. So for her, oversized is a basic for her.

Nicole Richie via Celebrity-Paradise
Olivia Palermo on the other hand has a more clothing persona with a twist to it. She also has a full, round face shape which makes angular cat eye sunglasses the best choice to complement that. So sunglasses with an angular shape and bold statement are timeless for her.
Olivia Palermo via Celebutopia
But no matter sunglass shape, the neutral color and minimal details make it basic.

Shop Cat Eye Sunglasses Online

If you want a pair of unique designer sunglasses then you might want to look into . They make amazing cat eye sunglasses in various stylish designs.

If you want something more affordable then you should check out the newest additions at online sunglass stores such as or .

Check out the latest cool cat eye shade styles:

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More Shopping & Chic Inspiration at the TCF Blog: !
Best cat eye sunglasses for an angular face shape. Shades by Kate Spade How to wear cat eye sunglasses with a trendy outfit How to wear trendy sunglasses with a basic outfit Nicole Richie wearing oversized black cat eye sunglasses

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